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Individual lessons with Czech tutors

Why to learn Czech?

Foreigners in the Czech Republic make themselves understood in English in most cases. However, using just a mere basis of Czech language may have several advantages.

The foreigner who speaks Czech with a foreign accent attracts attention in the positive sense of word and arouses interest and sympathy of Czech people. The Czechs find the effort of speaking their language as an expression of esteem to the Czech Republic and its language.

The aim of students is not usually to know Czech precisely but to master Czech phrases in common use and the ability of basic conversation.


How the courses are organized?

Lessons are taught in diverting way and therefore, besides improvement of language knowledge, they bring enjoyable relaxation and release from workload.

Courses are led by university graduated Czech tutors with excellent knowledge of the language in which the lessons are. We are able to provide a tutor according to your wishes and requirements

Individual lessons can be chosen on any day at any time from 7a.m. to 10p.m. The tutor comes to your work or home. Lessons can also take place at our premises.

Lessons for beginners as well as for advanced

Basic Czech courtesy formulas and phrases

Specialization to common conversation, business conversation or writing skills

Both individuals and small groups can be taught

We offer also courses of other languages led in English, German, etc.


Application forms and information

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